100 Percent Financing

Our 100% commercial income property financing is our most popular program. We primarily underwrite to the property and not the borrower. So while we will take a look at credit and financials they are not determining factors as to whether or not the deal will fund. We look for a 1.3 DSCR or higher using a 5% interest rate over 30 years. 'Hard costs' (lenders points, closing costs, escrow, etc.) can be rolled into the gross loan amount should the borrower desire. Using these extremely liberal and flexible criteria we are able to qualify a large number of prospective properties for the 100% program whereby 'soft costs' (appraisal, underwriting, 3rd party reports, etc.) are the only out of pocket costs to close.

Loan Amounts $2,000,000-$30,000,000

5 -300 Units

Close within 30 days from completed application.

Our 100% program deals only in commercial income property financing. Our specialty is multifamily, mobile home parks, self storage, assisted care and some branded hospitality, although we have an appetite for any type of income property. Conventional, Bridge, Mezzanine and Hard Money loans are available to fit almost any type of property and loan request. We use common sense underwriting and try to fit the financing to the project as opposed to fitting the project to the financing.